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Learn how to scale your social media impact with the power of brand!

The Inspiration Strategy Workbook will teach you a step by step process to design a brand strategy for social media so you can reach more people, stand out from the noise, and attract your ideal customers.

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Does social media make you feel lost?

We live in a new economy where knowing how to use social media to achieve your goals is becoming a necessary skill.

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Social media is an oportunity to connect with your tribe...

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The thing is that it can feel really overwhelming.

That's why we are putting together a workbook with everything you need to know about growing your business with social media.

We'll teach you how to get the attention of your ideal customers and convert it into sales and loyalty.

Everything from idea to digital empire!

In this workbook you'll learn how to:

  • Strategically align your business goals to customer needs
  • Define exactly who your ideal customer really is
  • Simplify their buying journey to only 5 steps
  • Brand yourself as an authority and pace the competition
  • Avoid the biggest mistake you're making with your content
  • Learn the 3 keys to tell a story that sells like crazy
  • Get awareness, sales, or loyalty with your creative projects

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Are you wasting your time creating content that doesn't generate attention, interactions or sales?

Learn how to implement the 7 modules of Inspiration Strategy in your business to scale your reach, engagement, and conversions by 7X!

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Sebastian Lecona Kataplasma

About the author

My name is Sebastián Lecona, but you can call me Bas.

Do you know how creative entrepreneurs struggle to generate tangible business results with social media?

I help them design and implement an Inspiration Strategy to scale their social media impact in 90 days or less.

Over the past 2 years I've consulted over a hundred entrepreneurs from all around the world and businesses anywhere between 0-8 figures, helping them gain clarity on how to generate awareness, sales or loyalty with ALL their creative and marketing projects.

I created this workbook so you can learn the secret sauce that I use to help my clients reach more people, stand out and attract their ideal audience.

This will give you a broader view of how design and marketing can work together to build solid brands that create massive impact around the world.

I want this to be so valuable that I'll add more than $5,000 in bonus surprises to your order if you take action now.*

*Limited to the first 100 buyers.

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