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Cloud Corleone
The Friendly Mafia

Case Study

Marvin Radke is a League of Legends streamer that wanted to stand out from the noise by delivering high quality content to his friends and followers, while building a business to support his project.
Kataplasma was granted the mission to help him refresh his brand to delight his followers while building a system that generates sales using digital media.
We had to learn from the audience and maintain the heritage of the existing brand to keep the current fans engaged and excited about this transformation.


Brand Strategy
Positioning and Messaging
Marketing Plan
Logo and Identity System
Video Branding
Characters Design
Digital Puppet
Jingle & Sound Logo


Reach more people online, stand out from the noise, and increase follower's interactions and satisfaction.


A whole brand refresh, a custom interactive avatar, and a music theme to communicate clearly across every touchpoint.

Setting the course

Kataplasma's Chief Strategist, Sebastián Lecona, sat down with CEO Marvin Radke and surfaced the needs of the project to define the steps required for this great task.
They had to start with the fans to leverage their input. They ran a couple of interviews and polls to discover what they liked about him and his content to reflect that through the whole identity. Together they worked with this information to define the concept; a magical cloud that had 6 funny dropplets to help him.
Cloud Corleone and the Friendly Mafia.

Planning the Strategy

They aligned the purpose to the offer, defined the brand, clarified it's positioning and messaging, and created a marketing plan that would help Marvin promote his content with the appropriate social media channels, this was achieved with the Inspiration Strategy Framework™.

Designing the Characters

After defining a creative brief Kataplasma developed some sketches, concept art, and color pallets to bring Cloud and his helpers to life. As part of this Kataplasma created a series of GIF's and emoticons to make the channel feel unique and be remarkable.

Cloud corleone







Designing the emoticons

The Friendly Mafia exists for it's followers, so they needed to be by their side on the streams in the form of graphics that help the viewers share their emotions in a unique way related to the brand.


Emoticons were a great first step, but there was so much more that the Friendly Mafia could do that they had to be brought to life. Now they jump in everytime someone follows, donates or subscribes to the channel.


Having the characters and brand strategy, it was time for a logo and identity system. Kataplasma worked on assets that communicate clearly and consistently on every touchpoint. Branding guidelines were built in a digital platform to facilitate it's access from anywhere at anytime.

Brand Guidelines

A logo is not an identity, that's why Kataplasma created a document with the different elements that make up the identity for Cloud Corleone and the Friendly Mafia.

This was delivered in a web format accessible at anytime here.

Social Media Branding

Time to go social, once the identity system was defined, Kataplasma created all the assets required to communicate consistently, cohesively, and congruently on every touchpoint.


Marvin wanted his followers to be able to make the Friendly Mafia a part of their life, so merchandise was designed to achieve this goal.

Video Branding

Time to get things in motion for the video content. Kataplasma designed a logo animation, brand identifiers, and transitions to brand the YouTube videos of Cloud Corleone and The Friendly Mafia.

Digital Puppet

Marvin had always wanted to wear a mask on his streams to represent him and his brand, so the idea of designing a digital character that reacted to a webcam, recognized facial expressions, had animations with triggers, and interactions with twitch,was the perfect solution.


Brand aligned comunication assets, interactions increased by 300%, and the follower count tripled in the first month after the release.

"Working with Kataplasma is easy, really fun and they create awesome results. Sebastian gave me new  ideas and really took my Youtube channel to the next level. Overall, it is a great pleasure to work with Kataplasma."

Marvin Radke

Cloud Corleone



Cloud Corleone

Client CEO:

Marvin Radke

Production Company:


Executive Creative Director:

Sebastián Lecona


Rodolfo Valentín (Character Design)
Pamela Rivero (Animator)
Frida Moran (Animator)
Geechii's Artworks (Illustrator)

Audio Producer:

Donato García

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