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Time to share

We have learned that we need to present only our best work.

The problem is that we think we don’t need to share anything until it’s done.

But this creates distance between you and your tribe.

But most importantly, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Unveiling something that used to be a mystery can be really thrilling.

But most times you’ll have no one listening when you unveil your thing because... you guessed it... no one knew about it!

So how can you escape this conundrum?

Well, start sharing your process.

Showing people the challenges you face and how you solve them is a great way of demonstrating your value.

You don’t need to share every detail about what you are working on.

But inviting your people into your story will help you build trust.

It’s well known that things usually don’t go as planned, so if you show people how you deal with setbacks is a huge opportunity to position yourself as an expert!

This way people will trust you to make things go right even when they don’t go as planned.

But it will also help you build expectation and get attention for the big reveal.

Invite people to your journey.

Tease them with what’s to come.

Make them part of the story!

This way they will feel related, they will even feel like having skin in the game!

You’d be impressed by how many people want to watch you win. 😏

So, what are you working on?

What big challenge are you facing?

How are you using your tools and skills to overcome obstacles?

We want to know!

Exceed Expectations

As business owners, we have learned to find a need in the market, and satisfy it. 📈

But there’s a lot of competition in every market.

That’s why many businesses die in the noise and no one remembers them.📉

The thing here, is that you don’t win by satisfying a need.🤯

You win by exceeding expectations.🎖

Creating a remarkable experience that people want to share. 💡

How could you exceed your customers expectations?

Innovation and marketing

Businesses have 2 core functions.
Innovating to produce an experience, and marketing to tell stories about the dream you are helping customers to fulfill.
These two activities drive results, everything else represent costs.
Your marketing should help people visualize the path to their dreams.
Your innovations should build the steps for them to get there.
So let me ask you something:
Are you empowering the customers that drive your success?

That's not branding!

There’s a very common misconception about branding.
It’s widely accepted that it is about becoming someone who is not yourself to get the acceptance of the masses.
But that’s not branding.
Branding is actually going back to your essence and bringing it out for others to see who you are.
It’s about connecting with the right people, your tribe.
Branding is cleaning the lense that people use to see you or your business.
Branding is helping others see you clearly, it’s not disguising you as something you are not for people’s approval.

Branding + Marketing = Inspiration

The objective of digital marketing is inspiring someone to buy,  donate, subscribe or take some kind of action.

If you want to inspire, you need to communicate clearly and effectively on the media channels that your people are using.

Find those whom you can help the most, create an opportunity to transform their lives, and help them understand it.

Branding will help you align your looks and your message to the needs of your people.

Marketing will help you put your offer, your content, and your advertising in front of your people.

Harness the power of branding and marketing and you will inspire your people to take action!

What kind of action do you want to inspire?

The power of brand

Have you heard that there are now girls named Khaleesi?
Well, that’s the power of brand 😉

A crazy Idea

I have this crazy idea...

I believe that inspiring leaders can build a better world.

My mission is to bring clarity on their quest.

By helping them magnify their voice and motivate their tribes.

Together we can build a better world.

A world of love and understanding, peace and sharing.

A world of opportunity, creativity, and joy.

What a crazy idea!

Why doing an online course

Having a group of people interested in learning what you know is a great opportunity to grow a business.

Probably the best way to monetize your knowledge is through an online course.


1.- You can get people from all over the world.
2.- You can use free or very cheap platforms to host it.
3.- You can scale it very easily.

So what's stopping you from monetizing your expertise?

How to build a business that fulfills you

It's never been easier to start a business.

But it's not an easy journey.

It's a long term objective, so you'll need the right mix of mindset, skills, knowledge, and passion to pull it off.

I believe you can do it if you are determined to live your life at your fullest.

So I want to share with you something that may help you in your journey of becoming your best self.

Here's my take on how to build a business that fulfills you.

1.- Focus on your passion:
Where does your attention go when you have free time?
What things do you enjoy learning about?
What do you like to talk about?
What's that thing you know about more than almost everyone?
Focus on that, play to your strengths!

2.- Help others
How can you improve the condition of other people with your passion?
Could you teach about it?
Could you entertain with it?
How may you apply your knowledge and skills to make life better for a specific group of people?
Start doing it!

3.- Share, share, share!
Share what you know.
Share what you learn.
Share your process.
Share your passion.
Gather your tribe.

4.- Create a value ladder
What can you offer for free?
What can you offer for a few 10's of dollars?
What can you do for a couple hundred?
What can you do for a few thousand?
What can you do for several thousand?
Organize them and put them out there.

5.- Work your ass off
Once you commit to your passion, find the people who benefit the most from your knowledge and skills, and create multiple levels of engagement, you'll have to work every day to improve and bring more value to the table.
Without work everything else is useless.
But if you did this correctly, it won't feel like work.
That's why we start with your passion.
We can only get the strength to do what needs to get done when it's something that you would do even if no one paid you.

So tell me, are you committed to your passion?

How to monetize your following

A common problem I’ve seen is people who have big and engaged audiences that don’t know how to monetize their following.

So let me share with you a couple of ideas that might help those of you struggling with this.

The first thing I always think as an option to monetize an audience are sponsorships.

My advice on getting sponsorships is defining 100 brands that your people follow or like, Fb audience insights can help you build this list.

Once you have this list you can go over to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and facebook and contact the brands and people who work for them to build a relationship.

No, I’m not telling you to go spam them, I’m telling you to go study who they are, what they like, what their objectives are and approach them offering something valuable to them.

If you consistently build relationships with the people related to your dream 100 brands, you’ll find around 10 people willing to give you money or product, or visibility in exchange of you recommending them to your audience.

Please don’t promote things that are not in the best interest of your audience, the idea is to bring them something that will make their life better, not annoying them.

Another way of monetizing an audience could be doing some kind of event.

Can you do a private retreat?
A cocktail party?
A seminar with some industry leader?

Events are a great way of breaking the digital barrier to help people connect in real life, and even make some money on the way.

Another way of monetizing your audience is to offer them some products.

They can be digital (a course, a masterclass, an e-book or a private premium group) or physical products (merchandise, a book, a DIY kit or a raffle).

Finally you can also offer some services.

These can be audits, consultations, or some kind of creative work.

It all depends on your industry and capabilities.

Which option sounds better to you?

If you’d like to talk more about this feel free to share with me your questions on the comments below or a pm.

I hope this helps you gain clarity on how to monetize your audience!

Sebastián Lecona


My purpose is to inspire and empower creative leaders to build a better world using the power of stories, creative strategies and digital media.

“Change is inevitable,  growth is a choice.”


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