Impact at scale

The internet gave us the power to change the world.

And it can change your life too.

Almost 4 years ago I started my online business to be able to help more people.

But the first few years were a real struggle.

I was doing design and marketing for small business owners and it took about a year to actually get serious.

But this year I’ve been able to help more people while getting better results in less time.

Everything thanks to something I realized when I discovered strategy.

Would you like to read more about this?

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about how strategy transformed my business for the better.

And I’ll also have a surprise prepared  to help you take your online game to the next level.

Stay tuned.

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Inspire your tribe!


Sometimes playing your game may seem as natural and unexplainable.

But defining your process is what really sets you aside as a professional and positions you to grow exponentially.

Even if you do something that relies on intuition like coaching or consulting.

Identifying the steps you take and the tools you use unconsciously, will help you share them with others.

That way you can build systems and share what you know.

Train your team or become a teacher, it's your choice.

My choice is to share with you my process to help my clients find clarity.

1.- Listen carefully

2.- Take notes of what's important for them

3.- Take notes of what's important for me

4.- Reframe their problem in a new way

5.- Use their words

6.- Suggest solutions they may have missed

7.- Make more questions than statements

What's your process to help your clients?

Personal Chief Strategist

What does a chief strategist do to justify getting paid a 6 figure salary?

Well, they give businesses a competitive edge against their competition.💡

Their job is one of the most important jobs because they make every effort work as part of a whole.

They make sure that every tactic is connected to the bigger goals.

They make marketing and design work together to help businesses grow.🌱

They focus on studying the users to deliver a remarkable experience that is worth sharing.

Coca Cola is what it is in a big part thanks to Marc Gobe, inventor of the emotional branding concept.

He focused all of his work in making people associate coke to positive emotions.

A truly ground breaking approach that gave Coca Cola the lead in their industry.

He gave Coca Cola a competitive edge by finding a great opportunity to stand out and creating a strategy to seize it.

That's the secret weapon that made the Coca Cola brand worth US$36.2 billion dollars.💰

But what happens with small businesses that can’t afford a 6 figure salary?

Well, usually they would have to read hundreds of books and make thousands of mistakes trying to do that job themselves.

And probably fail miserably.😳

Because business owners should focus on working on their business, not in it.

And doing the wrong move can make your business vulnerable by wasting time and resources in tactics that don't bring the desired results.

What if you could have someone by your side who read all the books and spent thousands of hours applying this knowledge?

Imagine knowing exactly how to put together your vision, your message, your visual identity, and your marketing channels.

What would be possible if you could:

✅Find and take advantage of the newest trends to reach more people.

✅Tailor your message to help you stand out in a crowded market.

✅Align your creative to attract your tribe.

✅Everything without paying a 6 (or even 5) figure salary.

Would you be interested?

Sebastian Lecona Kataplasma

Sebastián Lecona


My purpose is to inspire and empower creative leaders to build a better world using the power of stories, creative strategies and digital media.

“Change is inevitable,  growth is a choice.”

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