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The age of Inspiration

This is the age of inspiration, where creative entrepreneurs can change the world.

Purpose, clarity, and actions shape the world at an incredible speed.

Inspiration Leaders find purpose in serving their tribe.

They communicate clearly and powerfully to make change happen.

Their actions are an example of what humanity can become.

We come from the efficiency era, where systems were the key to success.

We created systems powerful enough to connect the whole world.

Transportation, production, and communication evolved like never before.

This brought a lot of opportunities, but it also brought great challenges.

Most of them have to do with the environment.

Our systems are predating on natural resources and polluting the earth, water, and air.

We have to claim the power we unlocked to defeat the enemy.

Creative entrepreneurs from the world need to unite forces on the greatest war of all times.

The war against our own dark side.

Where greed, aggression, and lies hide from our perception.

We need the tools and knowledge that can help us in this fight.

The wisdom of nature, the influence of art, and the possibilities of empathy.

This is a call to action for healers, teachers, and creatives.

It’s our time to take responsibility and make change happen.

We can’t keep going the same way.

It’s time to course correct.

And we need every loving human who is ready to stand up for their people.

The tools are there.

The road needs to be built.

And we can only do it together.

By uniting forces we can face the biggest challenges of humanity.

This is the age to stand together as brothers and sisters.

Are you ready?


noun: inspiration

1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

2. The drawing in of breath; inhalation.

3. Someone or something that gives you ideas to take action.

4. A sudden good idea.

5. Someone that people admire and want to be like.

The 5 keys to make more money with digital media

Let me share with you the 5 keys to make more money with digital media.

Would you like to claim the power of digital media to reach more people, attract your ideal clients, and sell more?

Well, today I’m here to share with you the 5 keys to unlock your inspiration power!

1.- MindsetThe first thing you need to understand is that the world has changed, today, sharing your knowledge will bring you the best results.

2.- ChannelsThere are many channels you c an use to communicate with your people, you need to understand these channels and respect the culture in each one of them.

3.- BrandingUnderstand your role in the life of your customers, tailor your message to fit your role, and use visuals to back it up.

4.- ContentIf you are not putting out content on a daily basis, you are missing the biggest opportunity to grow your business.

5.- AdvertisingRethink what it means to sell and use your videos, images, and text to serve your people (no more invasive selling techniques!).

If you master these 5 concepts you will be able to make more money with the power of digital media.

Time to share

We have learned that we need to present only our best work.

The problem is that we think we don’t need to share anything until it’s done.

But this creates distance between you and your tribe.

But most importantly, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Unveiling something that used to be a mystery can be really thrilling.

But most times you’ll have no one listening when you unveil your thing because... you guessed it... no one knew about it!

So how can you escape this conundrum?

Well, start sharing your process.

Showing people the challenges you face and how you solve them is a great way of demonstrating your value.

You don’t need to share every detail about what you are working on.

But inviting your people into your story will help you build trust.

It’s well known that things usually don’t go as planned, so if you show people how you deal with setbacks is a huge opportunity to position yourself as an expert!

This way people will trust you to make things go right even when they don’t go as planned.

But it will also help you build expectation and get attention for the big reveal.

Invite people to your journey.

Tease them with what’s to come.

Make them part of the story!

This way they will feel related, they will even feel like having skin in the game!

You’d be impressed by how many people want to watch you win. 😏

So, what are you working on?

What big challenge are you facing?

How are you using your tools and skills to overcome obstacles?

We want to know!

Exceed Expectations

As business owners, we have learned to find a need in the market, and satisfy it. 📈

But there’s a lot of competition in every market.

That’s why many businesses die in the noise and no one remembers them.📉

The thing here, is that you don’t win by satisfying a need.🤯

You win by exceeding expectations.🎖

Creating a remarkable experience that people want to share. 💡

How could you exceed your customers expectations?

Innovation and marketing

Businesses have 2 core functions.
Innovating to produce an experience, and marketing to tell stories about the dream you are helping customers to fulfill.
These two activities drive results, everything else represent costs.
Your marketing should help people visualize the path to their dreams.
Your innovations should build the steps for them to get there.
So let me ask you something:
Are you empowering the customers that drive your success?

That's not branding!

There’s a very common misconception about branding.
It’s widely accepted that it is about becoming someone who is not yourself to get the acceptance of the masses.
But that’s not branding.
Branding is actually going back to your essence and bringing it out for others to see who you are.
It’s about connecting with the right people, your tribe.
Branding is cleaning the lense that people use to see you or your business.
Branding is helping others see you clearly, it’s not disguising you as something you are not for people’s approval.

Branding + Marketing = Inspiration

The objective of digital marketing is inspiring someone to buy,  donate, subscribe or take some kind of action.

If you want to inspire, you need to communicate clearly and effectively on the media channels that your people are using.

Find those whom you can help the most, create an opportunity to transform their lives, and help them understand it.

Branding will help you align your looks and your message to the needs of your people.

Marketing will help you put your offer, your content, and your advertising in front of your people.

Harness the power of branding and marketing and you will inspire your people to take action!

What kind of action do you want to inspire?

The power of brand

Have you heard that there are now girls named Khaleesi?
Well, that’s the power of brand 😉

A crazy Idea

I have this crazy idea...

I believe that inspiring leaders can build a better world.

My mission is to bring clarity on their quest.

By helping them magnify their voice and motivate their tribes.

Together we can build a better world.

A world of love and understanding, peace and sharing.

A world of opportunity, creativity, and joy.

What a crazy idea!

Sebastián Lecona


My purpose is to inspire and empower creative leaders to build a better world using the power of creative strategies and digital media.

“Change is inevitable,  growth is a choice.”