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Impact at scale

The internet gave us the power to change the world.

And it can change your life too.

Almost 4 years ago I started my online business to be able to help more people.

But the first few years were a real struggle.

I was doing design and marketing for small business owners and it took about a year to actually get serious.

But this year I’ve been able to help more people while getting better results in less time.

Everything thanks to something I realized when I discovered strategy.

Would you like to read more about this?

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about how strategy transformed my business for the better.

And I’ll also have a surprise prepared  to help you take your online game to the next level.

Stay tuned.

See you tomorrow.

Inspire your tribe!


Sometimes playing your game may seem as natural and unexplainable.

But defining your process is what really sets you aside as a professional and positions you to grow exponentially.

Even if you do something that relies on intuition like coaching or consulting.

Identifying the steps you take and the tools you use unconsciously, will help you share them with others.

That way you can build systems and share what you know.

Train your team or become a teacher, it's your choice.

My choice is to share with you my process to help my clients find clarity.

1.- Listen carefully

2.- Take notes of what's important for them

3.- Take notes of what's important for me

4.- Reframe their problem in a new way

5.- Use their words

6.- Suggest solutions they may have missed

7.- Make more questions than statements

What's your process to help your clients?

Personal Chief Strategist

What does a chief strategist do to justify getting paid a 6 figure salary?

Well, they give businesses a competitive edge against their competition.💡

Their job is one of the most important jobs because they make every effort work as part of a whole.

They make sure that every tactic is connected to the bigger goals.

They make marketing and design work together to help businesses grow.🌱

They focus on studying the users to deliver a remarkable experience that is worth sharing.

Coca Cola is what it is in a big part thanks to Marc Gobe, inventor of the emotional branding concept.

He focused all of his work in making people associate coke to positive emotions.

A truly ground breaking approach that gave Coca Cola the lead in their industry.

He gave Coca Cola a competitive edge by finding a great opportunity to stand out and creating a strategy to seize it.

That's the secret weapon that made the Coca Cola brand worth US$36.2 billion dollars.💰

But what happens with small businesses that can’t afford a 6 figure salary?

Well, usually they would have to read hundreds of books and make thousands of mistakes trying to do that job themselves.

And probably fail miserably.😳

Because business owners should focus on working on their business, not in it.

And doing the wrong move can make your business vulnerable by wasting time and resources in tactics that don't bring the desired results.

What if you could have someone by your side who read all the books and spent thousands of hours applying this knowledge?

Imagine knowing exactly how to put together your vision, your message, your visual identity, and your marketing channels.

What would be possible if you could:

✅Find and take advantage of the newest trends to reach more people.

✅Tailor your message to help you stand out in a crowded market.

✅Align your creative to attract your tribe.

✅Everything without paying a 6 (or even 5) figure salary.

Would you be interested?

It's time to share your gifts!

You have a lot to share, I know it. 👀
You have skills and knowledge that has the potential to help someone transform their life for the better.
Would you like to be able to help more people?
Good, you are my kind of people. 🍀
The kind that creates a solution to every problem.
Someone who loves seeing other people grow and thrive.
But also feels their pains.
And understands that some of them are people you can help.
Maybe with some therapy for the wellbeing. 🧘‍♀️
Or by creating a piece of art that touches their hearts and broadens their perspective.
Maybe you invented something that may change the lives of millions.💡
But first, people need to know about you and what you have.
And that won't happen if you are the best-kept secret in the world, you know?
You need to go out there and gather your tribe.🛸
Today it's easier than ever!
The internet unleashed a myriad of platforms and tools you can use to share your gifts with the world.🌐
You can reach almost anyone and bring value to their lives.
You can create networks of like-minded people to build new systems and solve bigger problems.
You can even automate repetitive tasks to focus on what's important.
There's a world out there!🗺
But that's overwhelming... right?
I get you.
It's hard to choose where to start or what systems and tools are the best for you.
Starting with social media and digital marketing sometimes feels like having to climb a huge mountain without trails.🏔
Other times, it feels like falling from the mountain!❗
But it doesn't need to be like this.
I already climbed and fallen from the mountain countless times and now I know which route to take you.
We can even build your own path to get you to the top without the hassle of trying dead ends.
Wanna know how?
Ok, I call it:
💎 Digital Therapy 💎
This is the 12-month coaching program inside the Inspiration Strategy Framework that helps you flex your digital muscle.
It will be very similar to going to the gym.
Or going to your yoga class.
But you don't need to go anywhere.
We simply have 1 weekly zoom call.📞
On these calls, you will gain clarity, design a strategy, and stay accountable to meet your goals.
Training is a requirement to achieve great things.
You can't run a marathon in your first attempt.
It's something you build over time.
You prepare your mind and body to achieve great things.
We'll do the same here.🚴🏻‍♀🏊🏻‍♀🏋🏻‍♀
We'll start with the basics:
1.- Where to find your people.
2.- What you need to stand out from the noise.
3.- How to tell your story to attract your tribe.
Once you start getting some traction, we are going to start using more advanced techniques and incorporating new tools.
By the end, you'll be growing your online presence at a steady pace while you enjoy the ride!
Sounds exciting?
Let me tell you what you need to join the program.
The most important thing is that you are truly committed to your goals.
You'll have to put in the time and energy required to overcome internal and external obstacles.
You need to show up and take consistent action towards your goals.
Can you invest your time and energy to get what you want?
Because I only work with people who want to achieve something big.
People who are kind to other people and focus on solving problems.
I only work with people who back up their dreams with actions to make them real.
If we are going to work together, you'll have to make an effort proportional to your goals.
I'll be there by your side at every step, we'll be in this together.
If you commit to your dreams, I'll have your back the whole way.
Fair enough?
Ok, it seems like we are pretty aligned.✅
We just need to know a few things about you and your business (or startup idea) to get you started.
Head on to and apply to the program.
But hurry up! ⏰
You will have my undivided attention.
That's the best way to get you great results.
And I only have a limited amount of time.
That's why I only have 5 spots available!
Take action now so you don't have to wait in line.⌚
The spots are getting filled.
Let's gather your tribe so you can help more people with your skills and knowledge!

The 5 keys to make more money with digital media

Let me share with you the 5 keys to make more money with digital media.

Would you like to claim the power of digital media to reach more people, attract your ideal clients, and sell more?

Well, today I’m here to share with you the 5 keys to unlock your inspiration power!

1.- Mindset

The first thing you need to understand is that the world has changed, today, sharing your knowledge will bring you the best results.

2.- Channels

There are many channels you c an use to communicate with your people, you need to understand these channels and respect the culture in each one of them.

3.- Branding

Understand your role in the life of your customers, tailor your message to fit your role, and use visuals to back it up.

4.- Content

If you are not putting out content on a daily basis, you are missing the biggest opportunity to grow your business.

5.- Advertising

Rethink what it means to sell and use your videos, images, and text to serve your people (no more invasive selling techniques!).

If you master these 5 concepts you will be able to make more money with the power of digital media.

The age of Inspiration

This is the age of inspiration, where creative entrepreneurs can change the world.

Purpose, clarity, and actions shape the world at an incredible speed.

Inspiration Leaders find purpose in serving their tribe.

They communicate clearly and powerfully to make change happen.

Their actions are an example of what humanity can become.

We come from the efficiency era, where systems were the key to success.

We created systems powerful enough to connect the whole world.

Transportation, production, and communication evolved like never before.

This brought a lot of opportunities, but it also brought great challenges.

Most of them have to do with the environment.

Our systems are predating on natural resources and polluting the earth, water, and air.

We have to claim the power we unlocked to defeat the enemy.

Creative entrepreneurs from the world need to unite forces on the greatest war of all times.

The war against our own dark side.

Where greed, aggression, and lies hide from our perception.

We need the tools and knowledge that can help us in this fight.

The wisdom of nature, the influence of art, and the possibilities of empathy.

This is a call to action for healers, teachers, and creatives.

It’s our time to take responsibility and make change happen.

We can’t keep going the same way.

It’s time to course correct.

And we need every loving human who is ready to stand up for their people.

The tools are there.

The road needs to be built.

And we can only do it together.

By uniting forces we can face the biggest challenges of humanity.

This is the age to stand together as brothers and sisters.

Are you ready?


noun: inspiration

1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

2. The drawing in of breath; inhalation.

3. Someone or something that gives you ideas to take action.

4. A sudden good idea.

5. Someone that people admire and want to be like.

Time to share

We have learned that we need to present only our best work.

The problem is that we think we don’t need to share anything until it’s done.

But this creates distance between you and your tribe.

But most importantly, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Unveiling something that used to be a mystery can be really thrilling.

But most times you’ll have no one listening when you unveil your thing because... you guessed it... no one knew about it!

So how can you escape this conundrum?

Well, start sharing your process.

Showing people the challenges you face and how you solve them is a great way of demonstrating your value.

You don’t need to share every detail about what you are working on.

But inviting your people into your story will help you build trust.

It’s well known that things usually don’t go as planned, so if you show people how you deal with setbacks is a huge opportunity to position yourself as an expert!

This way people will trust you to make things go right even when they don’t go as planned.

But it will also help you build expectation and get attention for the big reveal.

Invite people to your journey.

Tease them with what’s to come.

Make them part of the story!

This way they will feel related, they will even feel like having skin in the game!

You’d be impressed by how many people want to watch you win. 😏

So, what are you working on?

What big challenge are you facing?

How are you using your tools and skills to overcome obstacles?

We want to know!

Exceed Expectations

As business owners, we have learned to find a need in the market, and satisfy it. 📈

But there’s a lot of competition in every market.

That’s why many businesses die in the noise and no one remembers them.📉

The thing here, is that you don’t win by satisfying a need.🤯

You win by exceeding expectations.🎖

Creating a remarkable experience that people want to share. 💡

How could you exceed your customers expectations?

Innovation and marketing

Businesses have 2 core functions.
Innovating to produce an experience, and marketing to tell stories about the dream you are helping customers to fulfill.
These two activities drive results, everything else represent costs.
Your marketing should help people visualize the path to their dreams.
Your innovations should build the steps for them to get there.
So let me ask you something:
Are you empowering the customers that drive your success?

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Sebastián Lecona


My purpose is to inspire and empower creative leaders to build a better world using the power of stories, creative strategies and digital media.

“Change is inevitable,  growth is a choice.”