4 Steps To Help More People With Social Media!

Claim the power of Holistic Branding to elighten your business without feeling lost or overwhelmed by all the options of the digital world.

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What's Holistic Branding?


Comprehending the parts of something as intimately interconnected to each other and the whole.

Which means:
Understanding that everything is connected.


Business practice of aligning goals to the needs of the customers to build strong relationships.

Which means:
Communicating effectively and congruently.

Holistic Branding:

Connecting every part of your business to each other and the whole to create a meaningful experience for your customers.

Which means:
Building an ecosystem for your tribe to thrive!

Claim the power of Holistic Branding to connect your soul, tribe, and business in perfect synergy.
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The 4 Pillars of Holistic Branding

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Create Your Strategy

Design Your Experience

Share Your Message

Inspire Your Tribe





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Create Your Strategy

Your first step is making an actionable plan that let's you track progress and keep your true north as the winds change.

We will align the pillars of your brand to build strong foundations that support viral growth and create massive impact!

  • Align your purpose to your genius and offer
  • Define your customers and their journey
  • Clarify your positioning and message
  • Translate everything into visual elements

Your strategy is the base to skyrocket your success!  


Design Your Experience

The second step is creating a congruent system that converts attention into sales on autopilot.

Together we'll design the systems that your brand needs to thrive in today's digital environment.

  • A logo and identity system that resonate with your tribe
  • A conversion funnel tailored to your needs and fully optimized
  • A lead capture system to store the information of potential buyers
  • An automated nurturing campaign to turn interest into sales
  • Retargetting campaigns to remove any leaks from your funnel
  • Affiliate and advocacy programs to empower your people to share
  • A website that works for you as a free 24/7 sales agent

This is the structure that supports your brand and it's growth.  


Share Your Message

Our third step will be to create and distribute content to reach more people and build your authority.

Make sure you grow your brand in width and/or depth every time you show up by:

  • Pick your main channel to spread your message
  • Use the power of storytelling to get more engagement and sales
  • Scale your impact by repurposing your content in a few clicks  
  • Show up every day to serve your community with confidence  

Your message is the essence and nutrients of your brand!  


Inspire Your Tribe

The final step is collaborating with other leaders to build bigger opportunities to create a better world.

Be your best self and set the example for those who follow you.  

  • Get accountability to live by your values and set a good example
  • Claim proven frameworks to empower your people as a true leader
  • Learn coaching and negotiation tactics to navigate your relationships
  • Redefine what it means to sell and serve without being annoying

Your tribe is the greatest manifestation of your brand!  

Is your impact worth a talk?

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Sebastian Lecona Kataplasma

Meet your strategist

My name is Sebastián Lecona, but you can call me Bas.

Have you seen how many creative entrepreneurs struggle to create a tangible impact with social media?

Well, I help them design and implement an Inspiration Strategy to grow their brand and help more people without feeling lost.

Over the past 3 years I've consulted more than one hundred entrepreneurs from all around the world and businesses anywhere between 0-8 figures.

I help them gain clarity on how to generate awareness, sales or loyalty with ALL their creative and marketing projects.

I created this framework to help you reach more people, stand out from the noise, and attract your ideal clients without wasting time trying to figure it out on your own.

Are you ready to get a broader view of how design and marketing can work together to build you a solid brand that creates massive impact?

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Kataplasma Guarantee

Grow your brand and help more people or we work for FREE until you do.

See what our clients are saying:

Dan Rodz

"I recommend working with Kataplasma 100%. Working with them was easy and they delivered an excelent quality. They gave me great advice and proposed better ways to manage my brand."

Daniela Rodríguez

Dan Rodz

Stoyan Romalchanov

"Before I met Sebastian I was struggling a lot with crafting proper ads. He was very helpful which I am super thankful for! I saw that he really knows what he is talking about, and now when I am doing ads, I know what to do!"

Stoyan Romalchanov


Coach Lore Arellano

"They helped me to understand a lot better my professional project, to ground my best ideas and understand better my market. Working with Kataplasma is definitely worth it!"

Lore Arellano

Coach Lore Arellano

Fiamma Segre

"Working with Sebastian is a very nice and professional experience. He’s helping me to develop a personal project that otherwise would have been impossible for me to do alone. Totally recommended!"

Fiamma Segre

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